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Nxtgen Technology Inc.

Provides - licensing, product design, developing, manufacturing, and supplying  of it's technology to distributors, licensee's and clients.


The Founder of Nxtgen Technology has been licensing, designing and manufacturing wearable products for the active and interactive lifestyle market for over 12 years, creating many strategic partnerships with his licensee's, distributors and their retailers in the USA, Europe and China. 

Nxtgen understands that technology is always improving, becoming more simplified and easier to use. Our goal is to always be looking for new and inventive ways to improve everyone's life and the world we live in. 

Our Wearable's, Holograms, Wave Pool and Data Storage Technology are just part of our growing list of technologies and services we provide. While our patents cover many aspects of these various technologies, we are continually adding more patents to our portfolio, licensee's and  distributors to support the Nxtgen vision and goals.

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